The Global OGB Association (GO) was established in September, 2014.
This association is managed by alumni of Dr Graham's Homes, Kalimpong, India.
Dr Graham's Homes is a co-ed school founded in 1900 by a Scottish missionary.
Today, it faces huge challenges to continue providing care & education to impoverished children.
Please join GO and help us support the Homes.
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This is the website of the Global OGB Association (GO), an independent body managed by former students of Dr Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong. GO is about reconnecting alumni and enabling a constructive working relationship with the School’s Board of Management, its Administration and various global organisations to improve and safeguard the long term future of the Homes. The association is open to all former students, teachers, staff and friends of Dr Graham’s Homes. To access all areas and functions of this site, you need to be a member. Please register; membership is free.


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The following are for sale in support of the Homes children


View two UK Committee produced videos.

Read about sponsoring a child.


To include a search for former classmates & friends at the Homes, please use this form.

"I am an old Homes boy. graduated from Senior Cambridge in 1946. Would like to get contact information for John Malcolm if possible. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Aloha! John W Gill."

If any one has any information please email GO Contact.

Hilda Tosh Swinson, OGB, is looking for her sister Helen(e) Tosh who was also at DGH and at Thorburn cottage. Helene(e) was placed in Mother Theresa's in Calcutta around 1966. Hilda has made numerous attempts over the years to find her sister including contacting the convent and with former members of school staff, but to no avail. If any one has any information please email GO Contact. Hilda would be very grateful to hear from you.

Looking for a family member who was at the Homes and would like to know more?

Margaretta Purtill, OGB, may be able to help you with this by accessing the Homes archives. A small fee is charged by the school for this facility.

Email Margaretta for more information.

Renovation of Bene and Assam Cottages commences.

The GO Phase 2 Cottage Renovation Project which covers the renovations of Assam, Bene, Wiston and Old Thorburn has commenced. Bene and Assam will be renovated in June/July and Wiston and Old Thorburn in September/October. GO will fund the work on Assam and Old Thorburn while the UK Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes, a UK based Charity that has historical connections with the Homes and today sponsors some 190 boarding students, will not only fund Assam and Bene, but will . . . read more

UK DGH Committee Annual Report

Read the 2017 DGH Annual Report . . . read more

Team Tibet – Home Away Fro. . .

We have just learned that the documentary of the life of OGB and GO Vice Patron, Thuten Kesang, has been accepted into the New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF). It will later be distributed worldwide. Earlier this year, a Kickstarter fund appeal for NZ$24,000 was raised to all . . . read more

Katherine Graham Memorial Chapel. . .

Finally, some 6 years after the severe earthquake hit the Kalimpong area in 2011, work on the chapel restoration is to commence shortly. For safety reasons, the chapel was closed and morning assembly/Sunday services held in the open on the school top playground. The Ministry of Culture ha . . . read more

GO Management Meeting Minutes.

You can read the minutes of the 22/4/17 GO Management Team Meeting here. The next meeting is scheduled for 8/7/2017. . . . read more

Kalimpong Kids – Anglo-Ind. . .

"Between 1908 and 1938, approximately 130 young Anglo-Indian settlers arrived in New Zealand from Dr Graham’s Homes in Kalimpong, India." Following interest in this project, GO is re-posting a link of a project undertaken by Dr. Jane McCabe, whose grandmother Loma Peters, was a student . . . read more

Birthday treats are back!

Many of the older OGBs will recall tripping happily up to Jubilee House to be greeted by the Principal’s wife and a bag of chucks (sweets) on their birthdays! Sadly this wee but effective recognition, especially for sponsored students, died in the late 80’s. However, we recently heard . . . read more

BOM Chairperson to visit the UK

Dr. Gillian Rosemary-Hart and Vice Chairman Shane Calvert will visit the UK in May at the invitation of the UK Committee for Dr. Graham’s Homes. They will meet with the committee Trustees in Edinburgh on 15th. - 16th. May and travel across Scotland and parts of Engl . . . read more

Homes News – March/April

Birkmyre Hostel:
The hostel will be temporarily closed from May to end August to allow necessary improvements/changes to be made. During the shutdown, all students will either be relocated to hostels nearby (St. Xaviers / Loreto etc.) or return home to their parents/guardians. Re . . . read more

Summer of Improvements!

In the next few months, GO will be undertaking a n . . . read more
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